Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Compliance

Build a Health Information Exchange and Meet ACO Compliance - Becker's Hospital Review

ACO compliance is an important element in a successful Healthcare Information Exchange.

5 Steps to Building a Health Information Exchange in an ACOBecker's Hospital ReviewOne of the most essential elements of any accountable care organization is an electronic health information exchange that allows partners to share information across the organization. Seamlessly sharing information can help ACOs further coordinate care ...

Gorman Health Group Clients Approved by CMS to ACO Compliance. - MarketWatch (press release)

ACO compliance creates hurdles for accountable care organizations to covercome.

Three Gorman Health Group Clients Approved by CMS to Become Operating ...MarketWatch (press release)This brings the company's total successful ACO awardees to nine. "We're proud of our work with these health systems and ... Today, over 5 million beneficiaries have their capitation payments adjudicated by GHG's Valencia; more than 2200 compliance and ...and more »

ACO Compliance and Accountable Care Organizations (ACO Compliance)

ACO Compliance and Affordable Care Act

Information technology systems play a role in adherence to this principle, which involves ACO compliance with evidence-based guidelines for care management and clinical decision support tools.

NextGen Healthcare Core Products Support the Functional Pillars of ACO Compliance

Clients can use our systems to create the functional pillars of an ACO including development of an
HIE; establishing medical home practices; quality patient outreach; reporting and ACO compliance; financials and analytics; claims; patient management; administration; clinical data; registries; and continuous documentation

The Supreme Court Rules on Health Reform and ACO Compliance – Now Operationalize that ACO

Comply with the multitude of regulations that have been issued pursuant in connection with ACOs with in depth ACO Compliance measures.

Applicants Must Demonstrate ACO Compliance / Health Affairs Blog

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) is a collection of health care providers and care management professionals working together to manage and coordinate care for a defined population. The goal is to reduce overall costs and improve quality and outcomes. Applicants must demonstrate ACO Compliance with governance, leadership and legal requirements, as well as document their care management resources and adequate health IT support.

ACO Model Saves Money

The precursor to the accountable care organization (ACO) saved the government money, especially among patients who were dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid.

States Move Ahead with ACO Comliance

States have until October 1 to submit its plan to the federal government to meet ACO compliance requirements for health care reform.

New Jersey Physicians are Considering Changing How They Practice Medicine

Nearly one-third of practitioners are currently considering or have already joined an Accountable Care Organization (ACO). Nearly 30% of practices do not yet have an ACO compliance plan though they will shortly be required to have one as the Affordable Care Act.

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